...The big idea...

So the folks here at Good Deed a Day have decided that there is too much negative media being thrown about..getting a bit sick of turning on the news and only ever hearing about the bad things happening in the world. 

So the 'big idea'... well in actual fact, it is quite small and extrodinarily simple. Running with the belief that a little bit of good here and there can go a long way, we are here to catalyse new friendship, happiness and good will throughout the world. 

Through small acts of kindness , simply helping those who need help, whether they be friends or complete strangers - lies the opportunity to promote the right sort of stuff, spread some positivity and restore a bit of human heart. No money exchanges hands here, just the odd cup of tea. 

So come and join us and lets start making the world a better place, one nice gesture at a time -

See you out there  
                                                   Megan and Tom  :)

Tom -Founder
Megan - Head of Project Facillitation